Mamuka Bakhtadze

“Kars-Akhalkalaki railroad creates interesting business perspectives for manufacturing industry” – said Mamuka Bakhtadze, general director of Georgian Railways LLC, at the industrial forum held through Media Holding “Georgian Times” in “Courtyard Marriot”.


“The construction of Kars-Akhalkalaki railroad is proceeding intensively. Although, there is one circumstance – Turkish and Georgian railway systems have different standards and  for transfer of wagons onto different standard track, there will be a zone allocated in Akhalkalaki for changing of wagon bogies. Furthermore, arrangement of the so-called dry port is planned. This is a rather interesting project, which implies that raw materials will be transferred from one type of wagon to the other one. This system will promote business possibilities for manufacturing industry, e.g. a raw material is being imported from Asia in the direction of Turkey or other European country, Akhalakalki station will provide conditions for manufacturing the raw material, after what the production will be transported to a destination country via Turkey”, -said Mr. Bakhtadze and added, that this system will soon create a free-trade regime for Georgia with European countries.